Ireland, Oh Ireland

Drill Ye Tarriers, Drill

St. Paddy's Wagon

Black Eyed Susan

A Sheep For Mr. Wolff

Ah Dee Oh Da

The Poteen Man

Me Father Was A Shepherd

The Choir From Hell

The Shirt That No One Wore

My Donegal

Every Step Of The Road

St. Paddy's Wagon

Ah the wheels they shine like silver
And her heart it's solid gold
As she drives St. Paddy's Wagon
For to take the sinner home

Oh Pat O'Shea he was a dray man Brought the beer by horse and cart
But late at night became a wild man Under spell of the brewers art
Now Patrick's wife she was a true one Kept the house and fed the brood
At closing time she'd hitch the wagon And bring her man back home to roost

One winter night with storm a raging The wife she says, "It's just too rough.
I'm staying here beside me fire, After all, Enough's...enough!"
They never found poor Patrick's body, It's like he vanished from this earth
And Paddy's wife she's out there driving On a never ending search

Now who's a saint and who's a sinner and who are we to pick and choose
'Cause we all ride St. Paddy's Wagon when there's nothing left to loose
And down the Pub they tell the story, "So watch the time, and keep your head.
And should you see St. Paddy's Wagon, you've had yer fill, it's time for bed"

© Trip McCool/ Dennis Dougherty