Ireland, Oh Ireland

Drill Ye Tarriers, Drill

St. Paddy's Wagon

Black Eyed Susan

A Sheep For Mr. Wolff

Ah Dee Oh Da

The Poteen Man

Me Father Was A Shepherd

The Choir From Hell

The Shirt That No One Wore

My Donegal

Every Step Of The Road

Me Father Was A Shepherd

Hey up, matey now
Grab the sheets to come around
Hey up, matey now
We're sailing out to sea
Hey up, matey now
Seven leagues to solid ground
Hey up, matey now
A sailor's life for me

Me father was a shepherd - Me mother was a wench
He didn't mind the whiskey - she didn't mind the stench
They couldn't afford a proper house they lived inside the barn
With nanny goats and piglets it was there that I was born

I grew up drinking whisky - I grew up eating stew
Old and greasy mutton, you chew and chew and chew
Soon I was tall enough, to church I went to pray
I lifteded fathers brogans to Dublin ran away

I begged for pennies on the corners down upon the quays
Learned the art of nimble fingers from the runaways
Me hand went down a pocket, Lord it was a shock
A rat, a trap, a finger snap the Cap'n had me got

He grabbed me by the scruffy and he swung me twice around
I flew up with the birdies and their crappy coming down
No one cared to save me from the trouble I was in
I heard the Cap'n yelling, you can either sink or swim

I flapped my arms and kicked my legs and screamed like holy heck
He hauled me from the Liffey and he threw me on the deck
Ya stink just like a piggie and you look just like a goat
Alas it's ten year later and I'm still upon this boat

© Trip McCool/ Dennis Dougherty