Ireland, Oh Ireland

Drill Ye Tarriers, Drill

St. Paddy's Wagon

Black Eyed Susan

A Sheep For Mr. Wolff

Ah Dee Oh Da

The Poteen Man

Me Father Was A Shepherd

The Choir From Hell

The Shirt That No One Wore

My Donegal

Every Step Of The Road

Ah Dee Oh Da

Ah dee oh ah, Ah dee A
Ah dee oh, oh de ah dee A
Ah dee oh ah, Ah dee oh ah
Oh ah, oh de ah de A

Well, Growing up the shy one, never having no fun
I watched me older brother making hay
Dirty girls with dirty fingers go in and out the winders
All hours of the night and of the day

No I could not understand it, he was just a bandit
He wore the same old trousers every week
So I says, "Charming Billy how do you do the dilly"
He laughed so hard, the poor lad couldn't speak

A lesson you be learning, on what your head's concerning
I'll teach it to ya in a bloody wink
Put down the brave Ulysses, up the Irish Whisky
Them girls don't give a damn 'bout what you think

If your dreaming of romancing you'd feet will need some dancing
Leave your stinking manners at the door
You want to have the real fun, go up and bite a wild one
She'll nail your silly arse right to the floor

In my great frustrations, I dropped my reservations
Spent my hard earned money as a rogue
Lived in Thorn and Thistle, learned to toot the whistle
Set out on the road to join the Pogues

Twas two years later I woke up in Decature
With a hag who's glass eye tend to roam
she said, "This lad that I been plowin he looks like Shane McGowen"
Right then I knew I best be headed home

© Trip McCool/ Dennis Dougherty