"Trip McCool" is my slightly altered ego. He is the man I try to be, or would like to be. It all relates to a revelation I had.

I, Dennis Dougherty was standing on county lane in Donegal, Ireland staring at an old cottage. It was only two rooms separated by a wall with a fireplace in it. The roof was gone, the windows broken and the wood frames rotted away. Trees and bushes overgrew the little building...no longer needed. It had done it's job. It had probably been home to generations of the same family. It was not my ancestral home, but it could have been. Here in these fields, the tenants worked, sweated and died all with the intention to make life for their children and grandchildren a bit easier. Here, dreams of America and prosperity were born while the weak and the young died.

It was then that it hit me...I was the living product of their dreams. I was the man that they suffered, scraped and bled for. I was the embodiment of their prayers for a better life.

It took several years for an idea to come to light. Write an album of songs that celebrate the Irish/ American experience.

So here is the product of that idea, "The Traveler", songs written with the love of 'The Clancy Brothers & Tommy Makem' and 'The Dubliners', with modern sensibilities.

Trip allows me to bridge the gap between reality and fiction, pride and shyness, and America and Ireland. He allows me to say thank you to my past.


Dennis Dougherty