The Traveler

The debut album from Trip McCool, "The Traveler".

Smart, Gritty, and Fun

Hey, check out Dennis' "slightly altered ego," Trip McCool. His new CD, The Traveler, is buoyantly melodic Irish folk-rock, smart, gritty, and very fun. He sings the old folk chestnut "Drill Ye Tarriers Drill" like his muscles still hurt from the work – a good reminder that songs become chestnuts for a reason. You just have to strip the varnish and get back down to the honest wood.

-Scott Alarik, author of "Revival: A Folk Music Novel"

5 Star Review from Celtic Music Radio!

Once in a while an album comes along that makes you go "Wow" - that is the reason why we first started listening to Celtic Music. Trip McCool has produced that "Wow" album and we would invite you to check out this compilation of talented songwriting and storytelling. These songs are raw, honest and fun to listen while having a few toasts with your friends. Trip has a powerful voice that will have you humming and singing along, almost like you were in a local pub. Certainly these songs will entertain you now and years from now.

...we can tell you that you will love Trip McCool - so add this one to your list for St. Patrick's Day! 5 Irish stars from Celtic Radio!

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New Album Finally Here!

This is the culmination of many years of my past all summed up in this one piece of work. It reflects my love of the art of songwriting and storytelling while paying respect to my musical heros The Clancy Brothers and Tommy Makem, The Dubliners, and all those who would put a tune to a story and bravely stand up in front of their friends and family and brave the consequences good and bad. It took a full year to write and record this collection and so I proudly take to my feet. I can only hope these songs mean as much to you as they do to me.

Trip McCool